The India Visa Application Centre is the outsourced partner of the Embassy of India in France. In this capacity, the India Visa Application Centre is responsible for receipt of visa applications for travel to India and visa fees, submission of applications at the Embassy of India in Paris, collecting the processed passports from the Embassy of India in Paris, and returning passports back to applicants.

The India Visa Application Center is managed by VF Services (UK) Limited who is not involved in the process of assessment of visa applications. The assessment of visa applications is carried out by the Embassy of India, and the decision to grant or refuse a visa to India is at their sole discretion. Staff members of VF Services (UK) Limited have no role or influence over the outcome of an application.

Important notice:
All applicants of Indian origins that have held an Indian passport in the past must provide a copy of their "surrender certificate" when applying for a visa to India.


It is brought to the notice of all Indian Visa seekers that the Indian Visa applications are submitted to the Embassy through M/s VFS, which is the only company authorized by Embassy of India, Paris to collect Indian Visa applications and requisite fee on its behalf. The schedule of the Visa fee for all categories of Visas is mentioned in VFS website

The Visa application can be filled in and downloaded from the VFS website or The Visa applications filled from any other source or website are not acceptable at the Embassy.

It is also brought to the notice of all concerned that there is no provision for online payment of Visa fees in respect of Indian Visa applications submitted in France. The payment for the Indian Visa applications in France is accepted only by M/s VFS and the various modes of payment accepted by VFS is also given at

Embassy of India, Paris does not take any responsibility for incorrect Visa applications filled in from any other source, and payment made to any other website or source, except for M/s VFS, the authorized outsourcing agency for Embassy of India, Paris.
Visa Application Process

Step 1 : Guidelines prior to filling your application form

After filling up the visa application online, the hard copy, duly signed along with two photographs and the requisite documents, must be deposited with M/s VFS.
Visa application cannot be submitted in absentia.
Hardcopy of the online visa application must be signed by the applicant only.
If you are holding two or more passports/travel documents with different nationality, you must provide details of both the passports and apply for visa on the passport issued by the country of origin.
Full name (given name and surname) of the parents and spouse must be mentioned.
Admission letter for Student visa must be submitted in original.
Copy of the Registration letter of the NGO concerned must be submitted.
Please make sure that your contact number and e-mail ID are correct.
Non-French foreign nationals must submit proof of their continuous stay in France for more than two years where applicable.
For Conference Visa, letter of invitation, if organized by the Government of India or any of its affiliations, must be submitted. In other cases, clearance of the Government of India must be attached.
Belgian nationals must attach a copy of their French residence permit or copy of electricity bill.
Step 2 : Choosing your Visa

Start by choosing the visa category in the section CHOOSING YOUR VISA. The horizontal menu bar would then allow you to browse through the additional information related to your visa category: checklist, application form, additional forms, photos, processing time, fees, frequently asked questions.
Step 3 : Submitting your application

Once your file is ready, go to the section SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION to choose one of the modes of submission for your visa application.
Step 4 : Collecting your application

While your application is being processed you can visit the section COLLECTING YOUR APPLICATION in order to track your application and find out how to collect your processed application.